How can I get in the game?

Enter the A.H. Nickless Innovation Award competition.

Step 1

Form a team, give it a cool name, find a coach and start brainstorming project ideas – anything related to the following Innovation Award categories.

These categories are intentionally broad to allow you the freedom to be creative with different ideas. These descriptions are for illustrative purposes and are not to be considered as comprehensive.

Energy and the Environment – alternative energy (solar, wind, battery), renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, environmental management, environmental sciences, environmental health, recycling strategies, waste management solutions, water resources and conservation, climate change, etc.

Medicine and Health Services – animal science, plant science, microbiology, cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, food product development, nutrition science, behavioral innovations, exercise equipment, etc.

Engineering – mechanical, electrical, materials, bioengineering, aeronautical, chemical, sound, automotive (including smart cars) and environmental engineering, etc.

Science and Technology – computer science, Earth and planetary science, bioinformatics and genomics, biochemistry, etc.

The Phase Two and winning teams in the competition are selected without regard to the categories, so each category will not necessarily be represented in the various phases, and some may be represented more than once.

Step 2

Sign up to participate. Everyone on your team and your coach will need to create an individual profile.

Step 3

Get parental consent to participate. After you sign up to participate, your parent or guardian will receive an email with instructions for providing consent.

Step 4

Start innovating and make your idea come to life! Submit a two-page description of your project idea by the Phase One deadline. The teams submitting the top project abstracts (up to 20 teams) as chosen by regional experts will continue in the competition. Each of those teams will receive $1,000 to develop their projects and cover their expenses. Bonus!

For complete contest requirements, download the A.H. Nickless Innovation Award Official Rules and Regulations.